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Our application supports iPads and iPhones.


We support android versions 4 and later

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We support devices with windows phone 8 and later here

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We are planning to have a web version available soon.

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During our project, we had several meetings in different countries, here are some photos of them.

About the project

The mobility of young people in Europe is increasing thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. It very often happens that students have difficulties adapting to a new country because they do not speak the local language. Therefore, communication problems can arise from the fact that English, German or French, which are usually taught as the second language in schools, are not spoken by all people of all the EU Member States.

Our Vision

It is very useful to have a basic knowledge of the language of the country to where you are travelling. Knowing the main pronunciation rules and most typical sentences necessary in everyday situations is very helpful. This product is a multi-language interactive audio-visual product for learning languages and is called – “Speak and Learn”. At first a language pair is selected, followed by exploration of different phrases and situations, including pronunciation training, as a survival kit for everyday life. The product is created on the basis of the languages of the countries covered by the Erasmus + programme. The essence of the product lies in learning a language not through a third language, i.e. English, but the mother tongue.

Pedagogical Aspect

When creating the product, the main pedagogical strategy used is the communicative approach to foreign language learning and immediate immersion into speech. The product is available in three of the most popular platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phones. This enables users to access the product on tablets and smart phones - most popular among young people. The product does not require permanent Internet connection as the consumer will have the device with him/her at all times.

Our Idea

It is envisioned that the product will help young people adapt to a country to which they have travelled through the Erasmus+ programme, easily, efficiently and effectively. It is hoped that this App will enrich the user’s language-learning experience by becoming an indispensable tool.

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Here are some interesting numbers about the project

Number of Partners


Number of audio files


Amount of days spent on the project


Files used in the application

5 MB

Excel with all the phrases

600 MB

Audio files of phrase

2 MB

Excel with phonetics

100 MB

Audio files of phonetics

Our Partners

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.

Geoffrey Willans

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views of only the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Tõlkebüroo Pangloss OÜ

Project coordinator:

Artjom Davidjants, Dr.